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Grupo de Oración

Saint Charles Parish is a thriving parish with four different communities, American, Hispanic, Brazilian and Haitian. 


Within each of these communities, a rich tapestry of groups and ministries has flourished. These ministries serve as a pathway for individuals seeking to rekindle their connection with the church and want to have a meaningful relationship with the Lord. Whether you're a woman, man, youth, child, or part of an entire family, we have a group for you.

In Saint Charles Parish, we believe that there is something for every charism that the Lord calls you to. Our diverse and welcoming community offers a range of groups and ministries designed to resonate with the unique gifts and callings of individuals. Whether you feel called to serve through music, outreach, education, or any other charism, we provide a supportive environment where you can explore and express your spiritual gifts. At our parish everyone, regardless of their charism, can find a meaningful way to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our parish life.

We are blessed in having one of the largest Religious Education groups in the area, reflecting our commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of the younger generation. If you're interested in becoming a part of these groups or ministries, we encourage you to reach out to the parish office. Our dedicated team will connect you with the person responsible for the group you're interested in, providing you with more details and warmly welcoming you to our parish community.

Parish Office (203) 333-2147


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